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NeatROM for Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300
March 15, 2014
Firmware: I9300XXUGNB6 NeatROM v7.2 Aroma (4.3)
Build date: Tue Feb 25 15:30:51 KST 2014
Kernel: Stock XXUGNB6 Repacked
Modem: XXUGNA8
Change List: 2454463
Available languages in Rom: Armenian, Azerbaijani, Bahasa, Catala, Cestina, Dansk, Deutsch, Eesti, English, Espanol, Estonian, Euskara, Francais, Galego, Hrvatski, Icelandic, Irish, Italiano, Kazakh, Latviesu, Lao, Lietuviu, Macedonian, Magyar, Myanmar, Nederlands, Norsk bokmal, Polski, Portugues, Romana, Slovencina, Slovenscina, Suomi, Svenska, Tieng Viet, Turkce, Udru, Uzbek, Greek, Bulgarian, Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, Korean, Chinese...
Fully Deodexed
SuperSU v1.93
Disabled Boot Sounds
Init.d Support
Init.d Tweaks
Build.prop Tweaks
Improved Virtual Memory
Kernel Debugging - Disabled
Default Language - English
No Auto Converting messages to MMS
Unlimited Contacts to SMS,MMS
No SMS,MMS in Call Log
Enabled Camera Sound Menu
Enabled All Languages for Samsung Keyboard
Enabled More Contacts (990)
Large Apn List
4 Way Reboot Menu
Enabled Secondary Symbols on Stock Keyboard
HD Voice Thanks to @tarzan11
Call Recording
Modded Mms (Sent Time instead of Received Time)
Enabled Hidden Torch Settings
S4 WallPapers
MultiWindow for all Apps
Flare Effect Thanks to @Arsaw
New update script from AOSP Neat
v7.2 cooked through JustArchi's awesome kitchen Thanks to @JustArchi
Rebuilded all permissions
Deodexed using latest smali/baksmali
Zipaligned using latest SDK
New updater-script
New Aroma installer
Fixed SystemUI
Fixed S Cloud
Added NeatROM Logo Thanks to @Spannaa
Added more Languages for Samsung Keyboard
Added Custom Settings in Settings Thanks to @ficeto, @Goldie and @MyLifeRocks10
Added option to set Battery Icon:
- Stock
- Text only
- Stock Icon with Text
- Stock Icon with Center Text
- Castaway
- Circle
- Clock Battery
- CM Battery
- Dotted Circle
- Xor Circle
- Hide Battery Icon
- BOX Battery Thanks to @MyLifeRocks10
- Alternate Circle Thanks to @MyLifeRocks10
- KitKat Thanks to @tarzan11
Added option to set Battery Icon Color (Color Picker)
Added option to set Battery Percentage Text Color (Color Picker)
Added option to set Circle/Dotted Battery Animation Speed:
- Slow
- Stock
- Fast
- Stop
Added option to set Battery Bar
Added option to set Battery Bar Color (Color Picker)
Added option to set Battery Bar Style:
- Regular
- Center
Added option to set Battery Bar Thickness:
- 1dp
- 2dp
- 3dp
- 4dp
Added option to Enable/Disable Battery Bar Charging Animation
Added option to Enable/Disable Full Battery Notification in Status Bar
Added option to Enable/Disable Low Battery Notification in Status Bar
Added option to set Clock Position:
- Left Clock
- Center Clock
- Right Clock
- Hide Clock
Added option to set AM/PM Style:
- Small
- Normal
- Hide
Added option to set Date Style:
- Small
- Normal
- Hide
- Lowercase
- Uppercase
Added option to set Date Format
Added option to set Date Color (Color Picker)
Added option to set Notification Panel Color (Color Picker)
Added option to Enable/Disable Traffic Meter
Added option to set Traffic Meter Color (Color Picker)
Added option to Enable/Disable Lock Button (Notification Header)
Added option to Enable/Disable Notification Count in Status Bar
Added option to set Screen Off Animations:
- Fade
- Stock
Added option to Enable/Disable Long Press Menu to Kill
Added option to Enable/Disable Skip Music
Added option to set Music Controls (Time out, Volume Up, Volume Down Action)
Added option to select LockScreen Mod:
- AOSP Lockscreen
- Water effect
- Ripple effect
- Light effect
Added option to Enable/Disable Ink Effect
Added option to set Ink Effect Color (Color Picker)
Added option to Enable/Disable Quick Pin/Password Unlock
Added option to Enable/Disable Lockscreen Camera Widget
Added Note3 Keyboard
Enabled Secondary Symbols on Note3 Keyboard
Added option to Enable/Disable One-Hand Operation (Calculator, Note3 keyboard and Pattern Lockscreen)
Added Note3 Browser Thanks to @Strumpf
Added Note3 Calculator Thanks to @Strumpf
Added Note3 Widget Active Apps
Added Note3 My Files Thanks to @pes1x
Added Note3 Video Player Thanks to @Strumpf
Added Smart Stay
Added Smart Pause
Added Smart Scroll (Note3 Browser) Thanks to @Strumpf
Disabled Phone Number Formatting
Enabled Signature in Messaging
Enabled Directory Search in My Files
Disabled Verify Apps By Default
Allowed Installation Of Apps From Unknown Sources By Default
Modded Camera (Removed Camera Battery Warnings)
Enabled Automatically Send/Receive MMS Thanks to @ICavalera
Enabled Assistive Light Widget
Enabled Mono/Stereo Widget
Updated Greenify
Updated NeatEFS
Updated Wanam Xposed[/COLOR]
Added Gravity Box
New Neat Wallpaper Thanks to @Rosario34
Secured URL as default home page for Browser
More Optimized
Better RAM
Faster Boot UP Time
New Tweaks
Other minor changes and fixes
Added Option to Install:
- Extra Lite ROM + Bloatware
- Lite ROM + Bloatware
- Full ROM
Enable/Disable NeatROM Bootanimation Thanks to @momo.martinovic
- v1
- v2
- v3
- v4
- Philz Touch Recovery v6.07.9
- Philz Touch Recovery v6.19.3
- CWM Manager app
- Fast Dormancy Toggle
- Greenify
- CPU Control Lite
- DropBox
- Xposed Framework
- Xposed Apps (App Settings, Gravity Box, Wanam)
- NeatEfs Thanks to @bender_007
- NeatUpdate (All the Apps/Mods/Themes in one place) Thanks to @acquariusoft
Available Mods:
- Note 3 Keyboard
- Google Gallery
- Google Gallery
- S4 Launcher, 100% Transparent AccuWeather
- S3 Launcher (4x5, 5x5, 5x6, 4x6...)
- Note III Launcher (4x5, 5x5)
- Google AOSP Launcher
- Google Experience Launcher
- Note II Popup Browser
- Nexus 5 Tones Thanks to @tarzan11
Choose the Apps you want to Install:
- Accuweather Widget
- Digital Clock Widget
- Dual Clock Analog Widget
- Dual Clock Digital Widget
- S Planner Widget
- Favorite App Widget
- Favorites Widget
- Google Search Widget
- Simple Alarm Clock Widget
- Web Manual Widget
- Adapt Sound Widget
- ChatON
- Sansung Fonts
- Group Play
- Kies
- Live Wallpapers
- S Memo
- Mobile Print
- Music Live Share
- Music Player
- Paper Artist
- Polaris Viewer
- Samsung Apps
- Samsung Hubs
- S Cloud
- Samsung All Share
- S Sugest
- S Voice
- Talkback
- Samsung Update
- Video Player
- Voice Recorder
- Yahoo
- Facebook
- AccuWeather
- AllShare
- Samsung Direct
- Email/Exchange
- FWUpgrade
- Gallery
- Gear Manager
- Keystring
- FM Radio
- Remote Control
- Stock Browser
- Samsung Service
- Language Files
- Gmail
- Chrome
- Hangouts
- Magazines
- Maps
- Play Music
- Play Games
- Google Plus
- Google Search
- YouTube
- Picasa Uploader
- Play News Stand
- Page Buddy
- Samsung Push

and many more...
I probably forgot something
BIG THANKS TO @MyLifeRocks10

Don't forget nandroid backup before installation!!!
Full Wipe Recommended!

Installation without wipe:

-Download, and save zip file to internal sdcard
-Go to recovery
-Select Wipe cache
-Go to Advanced and Select Wipe dalvik cache
-Select Install Rom SD card

Installation with Full wipe:

-Install Secured URL
-Download, and save zip to internal sdcard
-Go to recovery, Select Wipe data, Wipe cache
-Go to Advance and Select Wipe dalvik cache
-Go to Mounts and storage, select Format system
-Select Install Rom from SD card
Note, first boot takes about 5-10 mins, so don't panic
Reboot device

Download : Secured URL

Original thread : Secured URL

Screenshots from my phone :