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We (Variety Deals) is one of the largest eCommerce sites in Sri Lanka in which we also unlock iPhones officially for a very attractive rate and we can offer you almost 85% of networks available with us for unlocking. If anyone wants to do a factory unlocking you can contact us and get it done within hours or days to maximum.

We can do AT&T at USD 4.00 per IMEI within 1-24hrs (mostly done within 1-6hrs). Most of the customers are reluctant to get their iPhones unlocked unless it is from a genuine source. We proudly announce that we provide a great customer service and value for money. As we see lot of scammers on the internet, to avoid such confusions to our valuable customers, we have placed our contact details on our website including our Facebook fanpage (Secured URL).

Please feel free to ask any questions and get your iPhones unlocked from a genuine source like us. Good luck!!!

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Variety Deals

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Secured URL
Skype : mifzal.mufthi